Laboratory Services

Since 1980, Health One has provided employee lab testing services for:

In the Metro DC area, we send our team to your office or plant for the blood draw and any biometric data measurement and collection. Outside of DC, we have several options: outsource to a trusted partner company, use the network of 1600 blood draw centers in the USA, or send our team on travel.

Lab testing is the only option for most tests and often the better option over a finger stick test because:

  • many tests can be performed from one needle stick
  • more flexible service options because cassette test cartridges are not needed
  • comparable in price to finger stick testing
  • mandatory quality controls associated with the diagnostic laboratory environment
  • test accuracy
  • perceived value of service by participant and the medical community
  • improved turnaround time of results (often overnight) with use of encrypted email

To get started, please call 703-534-6766 or send an email to