Wellness Program Lab Testing

Health One provides both employee paid and employer paid laboratory testing services.

Employee Paid Wellness Lab Testing

Your organization provides Health One the space and the promotion for the event. Health One provides:

  • promotional assistance
  • appointment service
  • supplies
  • screening personnel (admin, phlebotomists, nurses)
  • physician oversight
  • lab testing
  • processing out of results

Participants decide on tests from menu and pays Health One directly.

Results mailed or emailed (encrypted) to participant the next day.  Typical Menu of tests:

  • lipid profile
  • comprehensive health profile (complete blood count, lipids, complete metabolic panel)
  • Men’s PSA
  • Cardiac C-Reactive Protein
  • Hemoglobin A1c
  • Thyroid Panel
  • ipoprotein (a)
  • Blood Group & Type
  • Vitamin D
  • VAP Advanced Cholesterol Test
  • other tests by request

Employer Paid Wellness Lab Testing

Most employer paid lab testing programs also involve biometric screenings, a lifestyle questionnaire, and a comprehensive report to the participant as well as a management report to the organization. This type of test program is called a Health Risk Assessment.

To get started, please call 703-534-6766 or send an email to solutions@healthoneinc.com.